Upcoming Exhibition

Catherine Sebastian & Lenny Kislin ‘Images & Objects, Stories & Sounds’
May 24 – June 29, 2014

Woodstock artists Catherine Sebastian and Lenny Kislin will present the gallery’s first show of the 2014 season – Images & Objects, Stories & Sounds. The exhibit consisting of sculptures by Lenny and photographs by Catherine will explore the generation of sounds from sculpture and stories from pictures. 

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Permanent Exhibition

The Eight Track Museum
Opened October 13, 2012

Eight Track Museum

The Orphic Gallery welcomes a traveling exhibition from the Eight Track Museum from Dallas, Texas, the world’s only museum dedicated to 8 track tapes and technology. This exhibit will serve as a prelude to the establishment of a permanent outpost of the Eight Track Museum in the Roxbury Corner Store.  Read more →

Upcoming Exhibition

Ken Butler ‘Instrumental Desire: Strings Attached’
Opening July 4, 2014


‘Instrumental Desire: Strings Attached’ will showcase the extraordinarily innovative work of musical instrument maker Ken Butler who fashions various types of instruments out of virtually anything from sporting equipment to household objects, wooden chairs to violin cases. Read more →


Past Exhibitions

Allan Tannenbaum ‘Except The Dolls’
Opened October 12, 2013


‘Except the Dolls’ surveys the music photography of Allan Tannenbaum which captures the New York City music world of the 1970s both onstage and behind the scenes. His extensive portfolio documents the future legends of the downtown music world  from Alex Chilton to Wayne County… Read more

Edward Potokar ‘Potophonics’
Opened July 5, 2013

Edward Potokar 'Potophonics'

POTOPHONICS is a retrospective of the inventive career of Edward Potokar, a percussionist who has created novel musical instruments since his art school days in Cleveland to the present. Featured in this exhibit will be audio boxes, various sound sculptures and percussive devices, and dazzling stringed instruments.  Read more →

Greg Frederick ‘Vinyl Pop’
May 25 – June 30, 2013

Record Breaker Zonder Kennedy

Greg Frederick’s vinyl pop art is inspired by modern-day street artists such as Banksy, Mr. Brainwash and Shepard Fairey. His pieces are created with broken record vinyls, their sleeves and packaging, and other recycled materials. Read more →

In Flight
April 6 – May 19, 2013

"Hive" by Jeanne Ellsworth

In Flight, a collaborative show by three Roxbury residents, featuring mosaics by Jeanne Ellsworth, the poetry of Sharon Israel and a digital soundscape by composer Robert Cucinotta.

ARS MUSICA – Roxbury Central School Art Students
Winter 2012-13

RCS Student Artists

Students from the Roxbury Central School Painting & Drawing, and Sculpture & Ceramics classes created works for their exhibit ARS MUSICA at the Orphic Gallery in the winter of 2012-3. Under the direction of RCS School art teacher Michael Reidlinger the students executed pieces in pencil, conté  pastel, pastel, ceramics and textiles.

All Most Famous: Photographs by Peter Stupar
September 1 – November 1, 2012

Elton John by Peter Stupar

The premier show at The Orphic Gallery will be an exhibition of photographs by Peter Stupar – rock & roll photographer extraordinaire.  Read more →

μουσικἁ ζωγραφία
Hekatombion – Boedromion, 84,1 Olympiad


Orpheus and Perseus by the Orpheus Painter from Orphic Gallery proto-exhibit, Athens, July – September, 440 BCE. Attic vase now in Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.